Grassroots = Community Empowerment

U.S. Freedmen On Code teamed w/Operation Good MS  during Jackson, MS Water Crisis! 

Founded in 2021 by Nina Scott and a team of community activists, U.S. Freedmen On Code has led numerous successful campaigns which have produced real change from East to West!

Through grassroots events, phone banks, and online petitions organized by our dedicated members and volunteers, we work to hold leaders and decision-makers accountable for their actions and inaction alike.Ignoring the needs of voters  can have adverse effects on the community elected officials are hired to represent. That's right: POLITICIANS WORK FOR US!

All Politics Is Local, so Get Involved Today.

Coins4Cans 2021 Reciepient

Ms. Gizile and "Coins4Cans" 2022 Recipient.